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At this challenging time we want to be able to care, help and bring hope to one another in our local community and further afield. We are committed to supporting the most vulnerable in our congregation as well as playing our part in caring beyond ourselves – for the wider communities of south east London and some of those abroad by providing additional support toward the famine crisis in Zimbabwe.

This is a season for us all to be generous with what we have – our time, our resources, our skills and our prayers. We believe that even in the midst of difficult days, there is still hope.

Today you may be in need of ‘hope’ or you may be in a position to bring hope to others. Whatever your situation, we care about you. Here’s how to get involved...

If you need help

You may be feeling isolated, fearful and alone. You may be in need of help as to how to get basic supplies. You may be facing the pain of bereavement.

If that’s you, please click and complete the form, and someone will get in touch with you to find out how we can help you and offer to pray with you.

I would like someone to call me
I need help with supplies
I need support following a bereavement

If you can offer help

There are lots of ways that we can all care for each other and bring hope to the people around us. You may be able to offer resources, practical help, time or expertise.

If that’s you, please choose one of the options below and someone will get in touch to talk through the best way for you to get involved.

Give to the HOPE fund

From the money you give we will be able to give food vouchers to people we know who are in need, offer help to vulnerable families, support people facing bereavement and also support those in Zimbabwe in need of food.


Offering to call and pray with people who feel isolated.

Practical Help

Offer to help people with shopping and other practical needs.

Offer Advice

If you have experience and expertise in debt advice, the benefits system, or the practical and emotional aspects of coping with serious illness or bereavement, or any other experience/expertise that may be useful in this season, we would love to hear from you.