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A group is a great place to make friends, grow in faith and connect with the life of the church. Our groups reflect the diversity of King’s and are made up of people from all ages and stages of life. Some groups meet in-person, either in one of our venues or in homes, and others meet online.
Groups at King's

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We are making it as easy as we can for everyone to join a group. Simply look through the groups listed for the site you attend, find a group that fits you for this term, and sign up.


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Find a group


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Find a group

Connect with King's groups


If you are new to King’s, you might find it helpful to join one of the groups marked with this symbol and connect with us.

Connect with King's groups


If you would like to explore Christianity or are new to faith, we suggest joining Alpha or New Life where you will receive a warm welcome wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

Connect with King's groups


In some groups you can learn a new skill, develop a gift, dig into the Bible and keep learning from other Christians.

Connect with King's groups


Sometimes we need grace and truth around a particular life challenge such as relationship breakdown or brokenness from the past. Sometimes we want to get to know people at the same stage of life as us – you will find that in the variety of groups we offer.

Groups FAQs

Most groups usually start near the beginning of each term.

Most groups will meet for around 8 weeks. However, the frequency of the meetings is explained in the group’s description.

You are free to choose a group by focus or leader of the group. We hope there is something for everyone. Some groups have a limited number of spaces, so sign up quickly!

Sundays and groups are the heart of life at King’s, so we would love everyone to be part of a group. If you are part of a midweek serving team, that can be your group where you make friends and grow in faith too.

Even if you plan to stay in the same group as you were in last term, please sign up again – it’s a new term and we are starting afresh!

The sign-up is for one term at a time. But for groups to develop friendships and grow in faith together, we encourage everyone to attend each session, if possible, for the weeks the group is running. At the end of the term you have the option to sign up again if the group is continuing, join another group, or take a break.

The group leader will contact you to welcome you into the group and confirm details of start date, when and where the group will meet.

It’s easier for real friendships to develop if everyone joins the group at the beginning of the term. Also, some groups fill up quickly. However, if you would like to join a group mid-term, we suggest you join a group marked with the Connect symbol, as these are likely to be most suitable for you. Click through to the groups pages for each site to see the current list of groups you can join.

Please speak to one of our Pastors, a group leader, or email

We are always looking for new leaders, so if you are interested in leading a group, please talk to one of the Pastors on your site or email to ask about next steps.

Get in touch

For more information or simply to get in touch, please email us at or phone 020 8690 4646.

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