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Alpha explores life and the Christian faith in a relaxed, informal setting. Come make friends and ask questions about life, faith and meaning. Each week there is a short presentation, followed by discussion in small groups.

We have been running Alpha for over 20 years at King's. During that time we have seen hundreds of lives changed as a result.

When and where?

Thursday evenings in the Autumn term

We are running Alpha on Thursday evenings, 8-9.15pm online on Zoom, starting with an introductory session on 13 October. You can sign up now or anytime over the first few weeks even if you miss the introductory evening.


Register online for Alpha

Or for more information, please get in touch:
020 8690 4646 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)

What's involved and who is it for?

Alpha is for anyone who wants to investigate Christianity and also for new Christians and people who want to reconnect with God.

It is a free course of nine sessions looking at topics such as Who is Jesus? How do I have faith? Why and how to pray? Why read the Bible? It runs on a termly basis.


13 October – Introduction evening: ‘Is there more to life than this?’
20 October – Who is Jesus?
27 October – Why did Jesus die?
3 November – How can I have faith?
10 November – Why and how do I pray?
17 November – Who is the Holy Spirit?
19 November – Alpha Saturday (in person)
24 November – Why and how do I read the Bible?
1 December – What about the church?

I believe the Alpha course touches lives. I have seen so many people find a personal relationship with God and a quiet strength in their life after doing the course – me included – and it takes a proud man to say he never needs any help. Alpha is a non pressured and fun course, and it shows how Christianity can be relevant and empowering to our lives. Bear Grylls, TV Adventurer

I was invited to Alpha through a friend who attends King's. There are questions I have always wondered about which I have been able to ask and find answers to in Alpha. I feel I have grown in a hugely positive way. Alaana
I came on Alpha not knowing what to expect and found I really enjoyed communicating with the rest of my Alpha group. I feel I have changed as a result of doing Alpha and it has opened my eyes to other people’s views. Owen
I attended Alpha last year and met some incredible people. I wasn’t a Christian when I started Alpha but was invited by a very dear friend of mine. On Alpha I connected with God in a way which I never thought possible. I understood the sacrifice Jesus made for me through the teaching on Alpha. Throughout the past few months, as I have built a relationship with God, I have felt a weight lift off me and I have at last found peace. I trust in God and I know He is there for me no matter what. He made things possible and changed my outlook on life. Jacqueline
I loved Alpha! It was friendly and open. I could just be me. I was accepted regardless of what I said or thought. There was no pretense. John-Paul