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Reaching people with the Gospel is central to the Christian life. It is central to what Jesus called His disciples to do – to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ (Matthew 28:19) – and that is also why it’s a key part of our Vision 2030: to Reach, Restore and Resource.

But how exactly do we do that?

What does it look like to live a life that is regularly reaching people with the love and power of God? In this series we are going to learn how to REACH others by looking at the best example we could possibly learn from: Jesus.

Different approaches

When we read the gospels, one thing we notice is that Jesus brought the Gospel to different people in different ways. He told a lot of stories, and asked a lot of questions. He prayed. He challenged some of His listeners in a very confrontational way, yet with others He was incredibly gentle. He taught, but He also healed. He crossed social lines to interact with people that He would not have been expected (or even allowed) to. He ate a lot of meals in homes. He served people in practical ways. Yet in all of these different approaches, His message – the Kingdom of God – remained the same.

As we look at Jesus’ life, we will learn from His example. We will see how to share the Gospel with all kinds of different people, and hopefully put it into practice as a community. As we do, we can be confident that God will empower and equip us, by His Spirit, to REACH people for Jesus.

Week 3 – Eat

Hilary Dalziel (Sun 17 Feb)

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Amy's prayer

Meet Amy

Week 2 – Invite

Steve Tibbert (Sun 10 Feb)

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Addis's prayer

Meet Addis

Week 1 – Remember in Prayer

Andrew Wilson (Sun 3 Feb)

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Nicole's prayer

Meet Nicole

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Make the most of the series

To make the most of the REACH series, we are encouraging everyone to:

BE AT CHURCH EACH WEEK – It’s only eight weeks, so listen online or via the free King’s app.

BE PART OF A GROUP – It’s a great place to make friends and discuss the topics. You can sign up on Sundays or at

ENGAGE DAILY – Buy the REACH devotional workbook and join with others from across King's reading together through gospel stories of Jesus over eight weeks. The devotionals are written by Andrew Wilson, our Teaching Pastor, and Annie Twort, a former Pastor at King's.

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