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We have heard a lot about wellbeing over the pandemic as many of us have faced tough challenges working from home, living with isolation, home-schooling, dealing with anxiety, illness, financial or work stresses and sadly coming to terms with loss. While there is practical wisdom out there in the world, this series looks to the God who created us and to His word, for guidance about how we can improve our sense of wellbeing and find peace or ‘shalom’ in Him.

Developing a wellbeing mindset

Each week we will look to His Word to develop a faith-filled wellbeing mindset to address issues around physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, financial and vocational wellbeing.

Some key truths introduced in this series:

  • The Bible contains God’s plan for our wellbeing.
  • Experts also help us to apply practical wisdom to our lives but ultimately God knows us best. He is the true source of shalom and without His grace we will find it hard to change.
  • We are meant to travel with others as we grow in wellbeing. Groups are a great place to learn, share, pray and support each other as we find peace in every area of our lives.

To make the most of the series...

To make the most of the series we encourage you to...

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Watch ‘The Wellbeing Journey’ additional video content

Dates and Topics

Week beginning Sunday Teaching Group Topic Midweek Seminar* God’s Plan for Your Wellbeing guide
24 Jan Series Intro – A Wellbeing Mindset No groups this week Wed 27th – Wellbeing for Parents Start Week 1 of the guide
31 Jan Physical Wellbeing Physical Wellbeing Groups start this week Week 2
7 Feb Emotional Wellbeing Emotional Wellbeing   Week 3
14 Feb Spiritual Wellbeing Spiritual Wellbeing Thu 18th – Freedom from Fear & Anxiety Week 4
21 Feb Relational Wellbeing Relational Wellbeing Thu 25th – Wellbeing in Marriage
Thu 25th – Hearing from God/Growing in the Prophetic
Week 5
28 Feb Financial Wellbeing Financial Wellbeing Thu 4th – Stewardship & Financial Freedom Week 6
7 Mar Vocational Wellbeing Vocational Wellbeing   Week 7
14 Mar A Wellbeing Mindset/Review Thu 18th – Wellbeing in Singleness Review Week 1 again
What have you learnt?

* The seminars are open to anybody and will go into the different areas of wellbeing in more detail. They will be led by people who have experience and skills in these areas and provide more teaching, shared experience, opportunities for you to ask questions, get help with next steps and prayer. More seminars will be confirmed through the series so watch this space!


HOPE Together and KingsGate Church, Peterborough have developed a video journey drawing on KingsGate’s Wellbeing sermon series and a new book by their lead pastor, Dr Dave Smith, published by Waverley Abbey.

The videos are presented by Simon Thomas (ex-SkySports/Blue Peter) and Joanna Abeyinka (CBeebies), with contributions from leading experts in different fields.

This video material will be used in groups. We strongly urge you to join a group to get the most out of the series.

King’s has a subscription which means people who attend King’s online or in-person can access them, but please do not share them beyond the King’s family.

God's Plan for Your Wellbeing

Buy the guide (discounted price)

God’s Plan for Your Wellbeing by Dave Smith is a 50-day devotional – fuel for the journey – published by Waverley Abbey Resources.

You can purchase the book at the discounted price of £5 plus P&P using our exclusive Coupon Code: GPFYWKC. Or you can buy it at Eden Books or Amazon.

‘The Wellbeing Journey’ video content

This introductory video gives you an idea of the content we will be sharing through the series. Watch the other seven sessions

Introduction to Wellbeing

The 6 dials on the Wellbeing dashboard

This is a useful tool to help you think how you are doing in each area of wellbeing we will discuss this term. Are you running on empty, doing okay or feeling strong in each area (red, amber or green)?