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After the amazing Week of Prayer in January, we have felt stirred as a team to have another one, only this time in person! From Sunday 6th to Friday 11th March we will gather every evening from 7-8pm. We would love you to join us and to pray outside of those meetings too.


  • 7-8pm in person
  • Sunday to Wednesday & Friday at the Catford site



We also encourage you to consider fasting.

Please read these guidelines if you plan to do so.


Each evening there will be worship and waiting on God and praying for one another. Our desire is to meet with God and to receive from the Holy Spirit so we don’t have a set agenda for each evening. You may not be able to attend any or all of the Week of Prayer evening meetings but we encourage you to take some time to pray anyway.

There won’t be an online option of the prayer meeting; however these are some of the topics we will be praying about which you can join us in calling on God about.

On Thursday evening we are meeting on sites, so please pray for the site you normally attend – for the ministries, volunteers and leaders.



  • Alpha and the spread of the Gospel
  • For our Easter meetings when many visitors attend – that people will put their faith in Jesus over this weekend
  • For The Feast and Big Red Bags which support many marginalised in our community
  • For all in our church in their workplaces – that they will demonstrate the grace of God wherever they are


  • For all our Sunday ministry teams – that God will bring the right volunteers to strengthen and revitalise teams
  • For our children’s and youth work
  • For those still not able to attend in person because of health issues
  • For those who have drifted away from church and Jesus


  • For our groups – that they will provide a place for real community
  • For those who have been bereaved or who are facing health challenges themselves
  • For those whose family life has been negatively affected over the last two years
  • For all who have been key workers over the pandemic and who have had particular challenges at work, e.g. those in healthcare and in education


  • For the projects we support in Zimbabwe – church, education, fostering and adoption, agriculture
  • For the churches we are linked with in Ukraine through Steve and Newfrontiers
  • For Steve and Andrew as they visit and support churches and apostolic teams across the globe this year