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In 1995, Deb and I moved to London to lead a small, struggling church which met in a run-down building in Catford. At that time we could not have imagined the grace, mercy and favour King’s would experience over the following years. What an amazing God we serve. We are grateful for every person saved, every life transformed over the last 23 years. But as we look to the past and give thanks, we also feel compelled to look ahead and seek God again, asking Him for another move of His power among us. We are trusting and believing that what we have seen so far is just the foundation for an even greater work of God – for our city, the UK, the nations and ultimately His glory!

I believe we have a God-given call to build a church that can serve many thousands in our city and be a blessing to hundreds of churches in this nation and beyond. It will require a massive team effort, faithful and consistent service, and huge financial sacrifice once again.

By the time 2030 is upon us, I expect my time leading King’s will be drawing to an end. However, over the coming decade we have the rare opportunity to be involved in major Kingdom extension. Together we can reach, restore and resource many people.

What an opportunity, what a responsibility! I therefore ask each of you to read this Vision 2030 booklet prayerfully and come prepared to commit with your heart, your prayers, your gifts and your money, as we move into this exciting new season.

Steve Tibbert | Senior Pastor, September 2018

Vision 2030 update – October 2019

"I believe we're called in this next season to reach thousands of people and serve hundreds of churches." Steve Tibbert, September 2018

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Download the Vision 2030 booklet

Vision 2030 Booklet

Vision 2030 Commitment & Gift Form – Catford

Vision 2030 Commitment & Gift Form – Lee

Vision 2030 Commitment & Gift Form – Downham

Vision 2030 Commitment & Gift Form – Beckenham

Vision 2030 Prayer Flyer

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