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The Feast Delivery Service

The ongoing Coronavirus crisis means that we are unable to host The Feast in our Catford building at present. However, thanks to our amazing team of volunteers, we have switched to a delivery service! We are now preparing and sending out a nutritious meal, snacks and other items to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Our aim is to encourage vulnerable people to stay indoors, get nutritious food to help them stay healthy and have an encouraging moment in their day. This means we are still able to help and support those who have been coming to The Feast regularly, as well as many new people who have been referred to us during the crisis.

The Feast Delivery Service is currently operating three times a week, providing over 300 meals to 150 different people, in Lewisham and North Bromley.

Want to find out more or help?

If you would like to know more about The Feast Delivery Service, or can offer help with food preparation or delivery, please contact

Self-referring or making a referral?

If you are self-referring or making a referral, please send the following information to name, address, contact number, dietary needs ( pork, vegetarian) and any issues regarding access to your property (does your doorbell work, etc.).

How The Feast usually runs

Before the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, The Feast usually met every week at the Catford site, from 7-9pm, apart from August and a week or two at Christmas (when Crisis is open).

There is no charge for the soup, hot meal and pudding for all who come. In addition to the meal, emergency food packs and housing advice is provided – as well as fun and friendship. After the meal there is a short talk which includes an invitation to the Monday Support Group.

I was introduced to The Feast by a friend who is now in Australia and my week does not feel complete when I can’t go. I like actively doing something for people and The Feast provides an environment where you can get to know people, offer them a warm welcome and listen to them. Sharing food and conversation builds the community and gives people somewhere to be fed both physically and spiritually. It is a very special place. Jenny, Feast volunteer

For more information about the Jericho Road Project click here.

The Feast Delivery Service

A short video highlighting the work of The Feast Delivery Service, part of our Jericho Road Project.

Thank you for The Feast food and the lovely flowers. I think it’s really amazing that The Feast goes on no matter what, and it really keeps me going. One of our friends from The Feast we delivered to during lockdown

The food was amazing, very tasty. I am very grateful. Thank you so much. Have a great day. Someone we delivered to who was in desperate need

We aim to make The Feast the safest place for the weakest person. It is an opportunity for people to step out of their poverty. Simon Allen, Jericho Road Project leader

Wonderful – If it weren't for the church I would be dead! Feast attendee

It’s my worship, my gratitude! Cooking helps my own recovery and my mental health – it helps keep me well. Yvonne, Feast volunteer

For me the Feast is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to people truly in need - physically, emotionally, perhaps spiritually - as Jesus did and as we are all called to. Feast volunteer

Given my background and the grace I have been shown, I need The Feast as much as it needs me! Feast volunteer