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In the first sermon Jesus preached, He said that He had come to proclaim freedom for the captives, recovery of sight for the blind and liberty for the oppressed (Luke 4:16-19). His mission, in other words, was not just to reach us, but to restore us. He came to bring freedom, as well as forgiveness. His life, death and resurrection were not just to save people from death, but to restore people in life.

In our RESTORED series we will look at how this actually works. How does Jesus restore people’s lives? What has He done for us, what does it mean, and how can we live in the good of it? Exploring themes like truth, identity, forgiveness, emotions, spiritual warfare and the battle for the mind, we will consider the way Freedom in Christ works, and how to benefit from it.

Restoration, as we will see, is not just about delivering us from obvious ‘problems’; it is about empowering us to stand in the good of all Jesus has done.

We are trusting this will be a great opportunity to encounter the freedom, liberty and restoration that is ours in Christ. We look forward to seeing you at King’s!

Making the Most of the Series

To get the most out of the series, we encourage you to be here on Sundays, to join a group, to get hold of the Freedom in Christ book and to come to a Freedom Day at the end of November.


The RESTORED preaching series is based on the Freedom in Christ course topics, explaining one key Bible passage each week. The series also connects with our vision to RESTORE our community. The Freedom in Christ course takes the topic deeper each week in groups, with a variety of Bible passages, illustrations and discussion questions to help you apply the topic to your life using video teaching and the Freedom in Christ book. Along the way you’ll make friends as well!

We’ve seen many people of all backgrounds go through the course and find a deeper understanding of who they are in Christ. It addresses the consequences of sins, bad habits, even addictions, with grace and truth. But it’s for everybody. Here’s one person’s experience: “I have a strong Christian background coming to faith many years ago but when I did Freedom in Christ, I found God speaking to me about a number of issues where I needed to grow. It was really encouraging.”

Freedom in Christ covers great teaching on who you are in Christ, how we grow as Christians and how we build good relationships. Mature Christians who have attended or led the course many times speak about how each time they find truth and freedom in deeper ways. So we would recommend you do the course again although there are other groups you can choose. We would like as many people as possible to do this to help us as a church go deeper in following Jesus and applying truth to our lives.

We would recommend you buy a book but it is not compulsory. It will help you get more out of the group content and is a great resource of Bible truth in a workbook style. If you have a previous edition of the Freedom in Christ book you can re-use that although there are some small changes to the content.

Yes, you can – the Freedom Day builds on the content that will have been preached and discussed in the groups but does stand alone. It is like a spiritual MOT with time for teaching, reflection, prayer and ministry, in a safe environment. Many people experience real freedom, Holy Spirit refreshing and truth doing its transforming work on this day. Sign up here. (£7 to cover the materials and a light lunch).

You can choose a group because it’s near where you live, or you know the leaders, or it’s a time you are free. Men and women often find it helpful to attend a group for men or women as it can be easier to share honestly.

Group Material

In our groups, we will be using Neil Anderson’s book Freedom in Christ to discuss these themes in more detail. It will be available to purchase on Sundays.

We have nine weeks of preaching but ten weeks of group material linked to a chapter of the Freedom in Christ book. The group material runs ahead of the Sunday teaching.

Date Sunday Teaching Group Theme this Week
29 Sep Series Intro Who am I?
06 Oct Who am I? Choosing to Believe the Truth
13 Oct
Vision Sunday
The World’s View of Truth
20 Oct
Choosing to Believe the Truth
Our Daily Choice
27 Oct
Our Daily Choice
The Battle for our Minds
03 Nov
Battle for the Mind
Handling Emotions Well
10 Nov
Handling Emotions Well
Forgiving from the Heart
17 Nov
Forgiving from the Heart
Renewing the Mind
24 Nov
Renewing the Mind
Relating to Others
01 Dec Relating to Others What Next?

Freedom Days

The Freedom Day is like a spiritual MOT and is an opportunity to reflect on the truth you’ve heard in the series and receive prayer to help process past events, forgive, receive healing and find freedom. You will be supported by King's prayer team volunteers.

Many people at King’s have experienced God transforming them on the Freedom Days. Anyone can attend these days even if your group isn’t following the series or you’ve missed out on being in a group this term.


Saturday 23 November at the Catford site, 9.30am-2pm
Saturday 30 November at the Lee site, 9.30am-2pm


£7 to cover workbook and lunch.

There is no childcare available during the day. If cost is an issue, please contact your Group Leader or speak to a Pastor.


Register for the Freedom Day at Catford
Register for the Freedom Day at Lee

Freedom in Christ Resources

The Freedom in Christ app provides a Biblical daily devotional on Freedom in Christ topics, testimonies and extra material. It’s available from Google Play and the Apple Store as a free download with an in-app purchase to unlock all the content.