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Partnership in Zimbabwe

King’s is a diverse church made up of many nations. We believe God has called us to serve not just our local community but the nations beyond. King’s and its members have links with churches in Romania, China, DRC, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Since 2015 King’s and River of Life Church in Harare, Zimbabwe have been developing an exciting church-to-church partnership.

River of Life is led by Scott Marques and he and Steve Tibbert have visited and spoken at one another’s churches several times. As well as leading River of Life, Scott oversees many other churches across Zimbabwe and southern Africa in his role as leader of the Disciple Nations (DNa) group of churches, part of the Newfrontiers family.

In 2015, Steve and Scott felt God directing them to develop a closer relationship between King’s and River of Life. Despite being in very different contexts, both King’s and River of Life are diverse, multi-site churches in capital cities.

We believe the growing partnership will be a blessing to both churches.

The story so far

A lot has happened since 2015. Highlights include:

  • In 2016 we established the Zimbabwe Partnership Team at King’s. This team meets regularly to plan and pray for future partnerships in the areas of business, health and education.
  • Also in 2016, a group from King’s travelled to Zimbabwe to learn about the context and to visit some of the community outreach projects run by the church, including a pre-school based in a women’s high security prison and the Ebenezer farming project. Following this visit, King’s raised an amazing £35,000 to go towards housing and transport needs at Ebenezer.
  • The friendship between King’s and River of Life continues to grow, and leaders from both churches visit each other regularly: Steve and Deb Tibbert have travelled to Zimbabwe annually since 2015, encouraging and building friendship with the leaders from River of Life and in Scott’s wider DNa family of churches; King’s has had the pleasure of hosting Scott and Claire Marques several times – Scott has preached here, hosted a seminar on ‘Kingdom investment’ and met with King’s members involved in business; the Senior Leadership team of River of Life have come to London to spend time with the King’s staff and eldership teams, an excellent opportunity to pool knowledge and experience.
  • There have been encouraging developments partnering in the area of education. Following a visit by Yvonne Steel and Fay Thompson, (members of King’s and both former headteachers), a team of teachers from King’s are now involved in writing part of the curriculum for Crossover, a school run by Christians from the church in Harare. This is an excellent initiative which offers education to children who would otherwise have no school to attend. Money raised at our 2017 Christmas carol services was sent to fill a short-term funding gap for much-needed staff at Crossover. Fay and Yvonne have also been to Zimbabwe to deliver training for teachers in Crossover as well as other schools connected to DNa churches. They were very well received and hope to visit again soon.
  • There have also been some encouraging developments in the area of business. William Dalziel, an elder of King’s and member of the Zimbabwe Partnership Team, has visited Zimbabwe to investigate potential partnerships. He plans to take a team of business leaders from King’s with him when he visits again in autumn 2019.

How can you be involved?

  • Pray for the growing partnership between our churches and for our friends in Zimbabwe who are reaching and serving their communities with such faith and commitment.
  • Pray for the nation of Zimbabwe, its leaders, and all those in positions of power and influence, as the country continues to face the challenges of high inflation and widespread unemployment.
  • Consider joining the Heart for Africa group led by Fay Thompson and Yvonne Steel – visit our Group pages to find out more.

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