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Groups at King's

Below is a list of Autumn 2021 groups, most of which start the week beginning Sunday 3 October. We will be adding more groups over the coming weeks.

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You can use the filters below to help you find the group that fits you best. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Overseen by Mary Lindsay
Coffee, Cake & Craft
Led by Mary Lindsay
Join us for a drink and a chat. Work on your own project, exchange tips and try out new crafts.

19:45 (fortnightly)
Overseen by Charles Kimbangi
Empowering Mothers
Led by Sheron Mills
We are a friendly group of mothers who gather together both online and in-person to support, encourage and share experiences of the ups and downs of parenting. Women only

7:30-9:30pm - Monthly (Last Tuesday of month)
Overseen by Hilary Dalziel
Growing in the Prophetic
Led by Mark Hancock & Marion Levine
A group on hearing God's voice, with practical activities and teaching.

Overseen by Moses Nwanji
Heart for China
Led by Ian & Angela Moor
Gathering those with a heart for China.

19:30 (monthly)
Overseen by Kerri-Jane Lamb
Parents' Group
Led by Jacqui Pomell
In this zoom group we will be following the 'Parenting for Faith' series. I understand the daily challenges of parenting and know it can be hard work. Having the support of other parents can be really helpful especially in the current times.

Overseen by Lorna Trodd
Parents' Group
Led by Marsha Providence
Our parent groups are a place to share and support one another. This term we will be discussing material from 'Care for the Family' which looks at how to build good strong family relationships.

Downham Groups
Caring for Carers
Led by Jane & David Kimmins
Support group for parents/carers of adults or children with special needs or disabilities. We connect through social media and online.

10:30 (monthly)
Overseen by Hilary Dalziel
Chi Chi Hemeson's Group
Women Only

Overseen by Ghulam Fernandes
Heart for Africa
Led by Fay Thompson
Meeting to pray for countries in Africa and prepare for projects supporting churches in Zimbabwe.

20:00 Fortnightly - 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
Overseen by Hilary Dalziel
Hilary Dalziel & Steve Semple's Group
Friendly interactive group meeting IN PERSON for men and women of all ages. Discussing the book of Nehemiah, sharing and praying together.

Overseen by Hilary Dalziel
Peter & Wendy Churchill's Group
Following the Nehemiah series. Discuss and apply biblical and practical principles that will help us flourish despite the challenges we face. Meeting on Zoom – open to all. Let's find direction and faith together.

Overseen by Moses Nwanji
Rose Morbin & Pamela Austin's Group
Women only

19:30 (fortnightly)
Safe space on Infertility & Involuntary Childlessness
Led by Emily Pignon
An online women's group to facilitate discussions on the topics of 'Weeping, Worshipping, Waiting & Witnessing' from shared experiences of infertility and involuntary childlessness. The group won't discuss specific infertility treatments but will be a safe space to explore together what other support, prayer and advice could be needed for the journey.

20:00 (fortnightly)
Overseen by Moses Nwanji
Temi Osinubi & Linah William's Group
Women only

19:45 (fortnightly)
Overseen by Cindy Dickson
Joy in the Sorrow
Led by Cindy Dickson & Jennifer Roy
A friendly and supportive IN-PERSON group going through the book 'Joy in the Sorrow', exploring how we walk with joy in the sorrow and face our suffering, challenges and hardships with faith. First 10 to sign up get the book for £5!

Overseen by Jason Shields
New Life
Led by Debbie Morgan & Clyde Thompson
Discussing key themes for effective Christian growth and discipleship. A good follow-on from Alpha. New Life is suitable for new Christians and anyone wanting to go through some basic Christian discipleship principles.

20:00 Thursday, 8-9:15pm
Overseen by Lorna Trodd
Parents' Group
Led by Stacy Dangare
Our parent groups are a place to share and support one another. This term we will be discussing material from 'Care for the Family' which looks at how to build good strong family relationships.

Overseen by Simon Allen
Peter Cameron's Group
Serving our deaf community
We'll look at contemporary issues online. Deaf/BSL Level 2.

Overseen by Cindy Dickson
Restored Lives
Led by Lennox & Georgie Thomas
For anyone recovering from separation or divorce. Please sign up using this link:

Overseen by Cindy Dickson
Shirley Toppin's Group
Growing in Worship
Building friendships and exploring together the connection between worship and everyday life.

Overseen by Jason Shields
Students & 20s Group
Led by Josh and Roxy Tibbert
Friendly mixed students and 20s group. We meet up every other week after the 11:30 service, usually at a pub or another venue. We will also be doing one-off events. Join our group to be notified of when these events are taking place.

Overseen by Alice Bell
Addis Douglas & Chris Francis' Group
Worship, prayer, testimonies online. Women only.

2-5:30pm Monthly - First Saturday
Overseen by Moses Nwanji
Ian & Angela Moor's Group
Meeting together online to pray and wait on God. We'll wait on God and pray for a wide range of issues as led by the Holy Spirit.

Led by Naomi Chamberlain & Becci Glanville
Whether you are a pro netball player or haven't touched a netball in your life, everyone is welcome. You don't have to commit to being there every week, but when you are available you are more than welcome.

Overseen by Kerri-Jane Lamb
Parents' Group
Led by Carol Nzomo and Julius Mbaluto
A group for parents, following the teaching series. We will look at everything God has called us to, firstly as His children but also as parents. Let's Gather, Encourage and Pray.

Overseen by Jason Shields
Sister Brunch
Women (20s-30s)
Join us monthly as we brunch together and hear from others. Look out for details on monthly hang outs. Ladies only - 20s/30s.

11:00 (monthly)
Overseen by William Dalziel
Entrepreneurs' Group
Led by Paul Rowbotham & Dimeji Teibo
Christian entrepreneurs coming together to support and inspire one another; creating a network to navigate the business world and make a difference.

2nd Sunday of each month