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Groups at King's

Below is a list of Summer 2021 groups, most of which start the week beginning Sunday 2 May. We will be adding more groups over the coming weeks.

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You can use the filters below to help you find the group that fits you best. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Overseen by Charles Kimbangi
Nike Babatunde & Carmen Malontie's Group
Following the series and praying together.

Overseen by Charles Kimbangi
Empowering Mothers
Led by Sheron Mills
We are a friendly group of mothers who gather together online to support, encourage and share experiences of the ups and downs of parenting. Women only

7:30-9:30pm - Monthly (1st Tuesday of month)
Overseen by Charles Kimbangi
Mike & Susanna Reich's Group
Following the series, building relationships and praying together.

Overseen by Neal Glanville
Worship team Small Group
Led by Lydia Land
A group following the series, specifically for members of the worship team.

Overseen by Ghulam Fernandes
Bereavement Journey Group
Led by Ghulam Fernandes
This course is for anyone who is bereaved, whether recently or dating back several years. Each week will involve two short filmed talks, each followed by an opportunity for online discussion, hosted by a group facilitator. Attendance for all of the five main sessions is recommended.

Downham Groups
Caring for Carers
Led by Jane & David Kimmins
Support group for parents/carers of adults or children with special needs or disabilities. We connect through social media and online.

10:00 (monthly)
Financial Freedom
Led by William Dalziel & Mark Pomell
We will be going through the foundations for getting control of your finances, applying Biblical wisdom, covering budgeting, spending, borrowing, saving, giving and long-term planning. This will be a Bible-centred approach to learning how to be a better manager of God's resources, for His glory.

Overseen by Cindy Dickson
Park Run
Led by Sharon Bennett & Keisha Whittaker
Group taking part in Park Run/Walk at Beckenham Place Park with short fellowship afterwards. Everyone welcome including children accompanied by an adult.

Overseen by Charles Kimbangi
Rita Anyiam & Alison Peat's Group
We are a friendly, diverse group mostly living in BR2 & BR4. We meet to discuss the teaching series, pray for and support each other.

20:00 (fortnightly)
Overseen by Charles Kimbangi
Craig & Caroline Johnson's Group
Following the series and praying together.

Overseen by Charles Kimbangi
Parents Group
Led by Tom & Anna Weddell and Tim & Hannah Jackson
A group providing a place for parents to support and encourage one another through the highs and lows of parenting. This group is aimed at parents of pre-school aged children.

Overseen by Charles Kimbangi
Paul & Beverley Harniman's Group
Following the series and praying together.

Overseen by Jason Shields
New Life
Led by Debbie Morgan & Clyde Thompson
Discussing key themes for effective Christian growth and discipleship. A good follow-on from Alpha. New Life is suitable for new Christians and anyone wanting to go through some basic Christian discipleship principles.

20:00 Thursday, 8-9:15pm
Overseen by Ghulam Fernandes
Heart for South Asia
Led by Oliver Hakim and Alia Bhatti
Meeting to connect, encourage one another and pray for South Asia.

10:00 (monthly)
Overseen by William Dalziel
Entrepreneurs' Group
Led by Paul Rowbotham & Dimeji Teibo
Christian entrepreneurs coming together to support and inspire one another; creating a network to navigate the business world and make a difference.

2nd Sunday of each month