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Giving is an important discipleship issue. Jesus often spoke about giving and that’s why we do too! Everything we have belongs to God and we have a responsibility to look after what He has given us. He encourages us to give as an expression of our worship. As we give, we release resources to help fulfil all He has given us to do as a church.

It is with this in mind that each year we encourage everyone who calls King’s home to prayerfully review their giving. For some who give regularly and generously in proportion to their income, there might be no adjustment to be made. But for many it’s an opportunity to take a step – perhaps beginning on the exciting journey by giving for the first time, or perhaps for you it’s increasing the amount you give or how frequently you give.

We’re asking each one of us to play our part, no matter how small or large our gifts. As we do, we will continue to resource the ongoing ministry of the church through our Revenue Fund, as well as the development of our three existing sites and beyond through our Multi-Site Fund, enabling us to reach more people through future sites and meetings.

May Offering – Just £20

In addition to asking everyone to review their giving, we’re looking in May to raise an additional £40,000 on top of our normal Multi-Site giving. This is a moment where everyone can help, everyone can play their part, and just £20 could make all the difference as we look to make up the anticipated shortfall against our Multi-Site giving target.

If the 1,500 people that attend King’s each week were able to give just £20 in addition to their usual giving (and Gift Aid it), we would be within easy reach of raising the £40,000 target. Of course some of us will be able to give more, others maybe less, but let’s all participate and trust that God will help us reach our target. Finally, another thank you for being such a generous church. Let’s continue to ‘excel in this grace of giving’.

Steve Tibbert | Senior Pastor

Find out more about our approach to giving in this interview with Steve Tibbert, our Senior Pastor.

Giving Review Form

We're asking everyone who calls King's home to complete the Giving Review form and return it on Sunday 14th or Sunday 21st May.

Giving Review Form

For more information

For for information about giving at King's click here. In addition, feel free to speak to a Pastor on a Sunday or contact the Finance Team:
020 8690 4646 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)

But since you excel in everything...see that you also excel in this grace of giving. 2 Corinthians 8:7

Multi-Site Update

Our Multi-Site Fund is for the development and expansion of our three existing sites, but it's more than that – it goes towards our continued call and desire to grow and reach South East London for the gospel, funding new sites in the future.

As a part of this call, last Autumn was an exciting one for the church as we were able to move our staff and our staff offices from the Catford site over to our newly developed offices on the Lee site. This move enables us to do two things: release critical space back to the Catford site and create a better working environment for the staff.

Releasing space at the Catford site

We plan to revamp the old office space upstairs at the Catford site to provide better facilities for some of our Sunday children’s and youth age groups. We’re finalising plans and pricing, and expect the work to take place over the next twelve months.

A better working environment for the staff

The new offices have allowed the staff to be even more productive and efficient in serving the church. The space has also been used to host a Membership Morning, training for all the worship leaders at King’s, and various other gatherings as we seek to develop and train younger leaders.