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7th October 2021

Vision Sunday – Nehemiah 2

Last Sunday was Vision Sunday, an important day in our church calendar. This is something we do every year at the beginning of the autumn term. It is an opportunity for us to re-engage with all that we believe God is calling us to. It is a moment to look back, giving thanks for God’s faithfulness and provision over the last year and putting our present situation in context. It is also a time to look ahead, setting out the next step in our faith journey.

For this year’s Vision Sunday I spoke out of Nehemiah 2, addressing the unique challenges we have faced over the last 18 months and drawing on the narrative of Nehemiah’s return to Jerusalem. Nehemiah was embarking on the rebuilding of the city, and we are on a journey of regathering and rebuilding the church. If you missed last Sunday’s message, or would like to watch it again, you can do so here:

I encourage each of you, whether you have been part of King’s for some time or have joined us more recently, to step in and play your part in regathering and rebuilding God’s church. As we do so, let's remember Nehemiah's words at the end of chapter 2: ‘The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding…’ (Neh 2:20). As we start this new church year, let’s commit our time, our treasure and our talents to serve God first.

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

30th September 2021

Rebuild & Rejoice – An Invitation to Vision Sunday

I want to extend a special invite to all of you at King’s to join us this weekend for Vision Sunday, when I’ll be speaking out of Nehemiah 2. This is always an important date in the church calendar, and as we begin to rebuild and regather the church after the challenges of the last eighteen months, I want to encourage you to be there in person if you can.

I am particularly excited that from this Sunday, all four of our sites will be open, with the relaunch of Beckenham! I’m also glad to tell you that kids’ ministry is now available at all our venues. Please note that there is no need to book in for any of our services, and from this week mask wearing will be optional. For those of you who are not yet comfortable with gathering in-person, the online service will be available as usual, but for everyone else – I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

17th June 2021

Moving Times

I am extremely grateful that King’s invests in its pastoral team by offering a twelve week sabbatical every seven years. It’s probably one of the main reasons I’m still serving as a pastor in the local church. During my three decades of pastoral ministry, I have taken several sabbaticals and have found them invaluable for restoring my spiritual and emotional health. However, the first couple of days back in the office following the break often leave me with a headache, as I absorb three months’ worth of pastoral news in one go – that’s twelve weeks of news, both good and bad. It’s a lot to take in at once.

Across the summer, we hope to emerge from any form of lockdown and increasingly move from being a church that meets online, to being the gathered people of God meeting in person. But I suspect one of the greatest challenges as we come back together, will be hearing 15 months of pastoral news in a very short period of time. To differing degrees, it is likely that we will all experience what I have felt on returning from a sabbatical.

The lasting impact of Covid on church life will take a while to fully understand, but as the church begins to regather in the coming months, we are bound to discover that some of our friends have moved on. At the same time, many new people who have joined us online are now beginning to attend our in-person services. Last Sunday alone, I spoke to ten visitors who have been enjoying our online services and are now coming along to one of our venues.

It’s worth being aware that pre-pandemic, we estimated that in any given year around 200 people would join King’s and around 100 would move on. This constant movement of people, saying goodbye to old friends and welcoming new ones, is part of the natural ebb and flow of life in a growing church. As we come back together, we will begin to notice 15 months’ worth of movement in one go. That’s a lot to take in at once. My counsel to you is not to worry too much if you get a headache - I promise it will pass quickly.

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

28th January 2021

Love Your Neighbour

In my Vision Sunday talk last October, I shared the exciting news that we had secured some match funding from the government as a part of Holy Trinity Brompton’s Love Your Neighbour (LYN) initiative, set up to support people who are struggling because of the Covid crisis. This week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to update you on how it’s going.

Well, I am happy to tell you that our Love Your Neighbour partnership is up and running and going well! The extra funding we have received, together with the ongoing generosity of the King’s family, means we have been able to greatly expand our food provision through The Feast and Big Red Box. As well as this, we are now also offering employment support and debt advice as part of LYN.

The Feast has been running at King’s for over twenty years and is part of our Jericho Road Project. Until the Covid crisis hit last year, it offered a hot sit-down meal, friendship and support to around 100 of the most vulnerable in our community, every Wednesday evening. When lockdown was imposed, this was no longer possible and so The Feast transformed to a delivery service. At its height, the amazing team were preparing and delivering over 400 hot meals every week, mainly to those who were unable to cook for themselves or did not have the facilities to do so. It was great to hear from Simon Allen, who leads the Jericho Road Project, that we have been able to reduce that number in the last few months, as people find they are no longer in need of the help or are better served with a weekly delivery of groceries through our Big Red Box project. Currently, they are sending out hot meals each Wednesday and Sunday, totalling about 260 meals per week.

On Sunday afternoon, Deb and I took the opportunity to visit The Feast, which operates out of our Catford building. After meeting the team serving that day and seeing some of what they do, we went out as part of the delivery service and dropped off a hot meal and other essential items to three of our contacts. We were so impressed with the whole operation and all the volunteers involved – the cooks, washer uppers, packers, delivery drivers, and behind the scenes, some excellent administrators; it’s quite a project to get all the different elements coordinated and running so smoothly.

Through LYN we have also expanded our Big Red Box food hamper project, which we have been running each Christmas for many years, so that it now runs every week. We are currently sending out over 100 boxes a week to families and individuals referred to us directly, or through schools, Social Services and local charities.

I’m also very glad to tell you that we are working alongside local Christians Against Poverty (CAP) services to offer money and debt advice. This is such an important subject, and one many of us shy away from, but this is an excellent course which has proved extremely helpful to those who have done it. The first (four-week) CAP Money Course started this week and is already full, but we have a new course starting on Wednesday 24th February, and there will be other courses running through the year. Please take a look at the short video below to find out more:

The Covid Crisis is having a dramatic impact on our economy, and sadly many people are finding themselves without a job. When faced with unemployment, it is often difficult to know where to turn, which is why I am thrilled that we are now running an Employment Plus service in partnership with the Salvation Army in Catford.

You can make a referral for yourself or someone you know to any part of our LYN project – food provision, money and debt advice, or employment support – using this referral form, and someone will be in contact with you.

Lastly, none of this could happen without the support of our fantastic volunteers, but we are always looking for more. (In fact, Deb and I have just joined a Big Red Box packing team, something we really enjoy doing.) The LYN team are in particular need of delivery drivers on various days, and Employment Plus volunteers who can help on Friday mornings. If you are interested in helping in either of these or in any other area, please email

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

Steve Tibbert leads King’s Church London, with sites in Catford, Downham, Lee and Beckenham. The church has seen continued growth since the mid-1990s, both in terms of size and diversity.

As well as leading King’s, Steve hosts and leads Newfrontiers, a fellowship of apostolic leaders with hundreds of churches around the world.

Steve is married to Deb. They have three grown up sons and one grandson.

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