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23rd January 2015

Who has God used to shape your life?

When I reflect on my journey of faith and leadership, I am aware that God has allowed me to walk alongside many great people. At different points along the way, He has used them to help shape me into the person and leader I have become.

My parents are among the biggest influences in my life, and I thank them for their godly, positive example. After giving my life to Christ in my late teens, my pastor, Peter Ledger, and my youth group leaders, Mr and Mrs Chris, were the first to disciple me: Mr Chris met with me for many weeks and laid a great foundation in my life; Peter Ledger gave me my first exposure to church leadership. I am grateful for the time they gave to me as a young man.

When my local church in Bedford joined Newfrontiers in the early 1990's, I began to be exposed to other gifted leaders, such as David Devenish, Dave Holden and Terry Virgo. I have had the privilege of spending many hours in the company of such people. The time spent praying, talking and sharing lives with such people has undoubtedly made me a better leader.

I am therefore delighted that one of my mentors, Terry Virgo, will be joining us at King’s next Wednesday, 28th January, for the last of our prayer meetings this January. We will be meeting at our Lee site, at the usual time of 7.45. On this occasion Terry will not be preaching, but I will be interviewing him. As the founding father of a global movement he is worth listening to! Perhaps I will take the opportunity of asking him who has helped shape his life...

Steve Nicholson is another person I would count as one of my most significant mentors - his counsel to me as a leader and on the church here at King’s cannot be understated.

So, why not take a few moments to ask yourself: Who am I helping to grow? Who are the main influencers on my life? Take the chance to come along next Wednesday and listen to Terry Virgo, but also, let us continue to ask God to bring men and women into our lives who will help make us into the people He wants us to become.

Who has God used to shape your life?

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

Steve Tibbert leads King’s Church London, with sites in Catford, Downham, Lee and Beckenham. The church has seen continued growth since the mid-1990s, both in terms of size and diversity.

As well as leading King’s, Steve hosts and leads Newfrontiers, a fellowship of apostolic leaders with hundreds of churches around the world.

Steve is married to Deb. They have three grown up sons and one grandson.

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