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2nd June 2016


I am not very good at waiting.

This is probably not a helpful attribute when you happen to live in London. Our traffic is such that it is pretty much impossible to go anywhere without having to sit in in a queue at some point. My family know that I am always on the lookout for a shortcut, many of which frequently become ‘long cuts’ – but at least we’re moving! Whenever I am in a supermarket, I will always try to find the shortest possible line at the checkout, mentally calculating how long any people ahead of me are likely to take. Yet still, the chances are, I will end up in the slowest one! Deb is always telling me that God is trying to teach me patience, but it seems this is not an easy lesson for me. I am not very good at waiting…

Over the last couple of weeks we have been waiting for the completion of the lease of the first floor of our Lee building. Many of you will know that we are in the process of letting it to a new school that is starting up in Greenwich. As I write this blog, I have just been informed that there is another delay because of the Bank Holiday, and so we are still waiting for the finalities to be completed. I am really not very good at waiting…

So today I have decided to take Deb’s advice, be patient, and ‘take a chill pill’. While on a practical level we will continue to work hard to push this transaction over the finish line, I will endeavour also to relax and remember that God is sovereign.

Maybe God is trying to teach me something – how to stretch our faith in times of delay perhaps, or challenging me to work on that impatient aspect of my character. The trouble is, it really doesn’t come easily! I am not good at waiting…

P.S. I have just heard that everything has now been signed and we have completed on the lease! Fantastic news – but I am still not good at waiting!

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

Steve Tibbert leads King’s Church London, with sites in Catford, Downham, Lee and Beckenham. The church has seen continued growth since the mid-1990s, both in terms of size and diversity.

As well as leading King’s, Steve hosts and leads Newfrontiers, a fellowship of apostolic leaders with hundreds of churches around the world.

Steve is married to Deb. They have three grown up sons and one grandson.

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