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2nd November 2017

Learning for Life

Over the past month I have found myself in no fewer than three different conferences, each of them presenting an opportunity to learn from others. It began with the Newfrontiers Global 17 conference, which I wrote about last week. No sooner had Deb and I returned from that than we were off to the Richmond Group, a relational network of churches in the UK hosted by Nicky Gumbel from HTB Church. Then this week I have been at Kings Gate Church in Peterborough with some of our King’s team and teams from over fifty other churches, for three days’ teaching on the subject of Biblical generosity. It has been a month of excellent input!

It is a huge privilege to hear great leaders and speakers share their stories of God’s grace and faithfulness. At the Richmond Group we were joined by Brian Houston, Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong. As he spoke I was deeply impressed with his heart, faith and vision. He believes in a big God and listening to him inspired me to believe God for more. At KingsGate this week we heard from Robert Morris, founding Senior Pastor of Gateway Church in Texas, who suggested a difference between preaching and teaching – that good preaching should answer the why question while good teaching should answer the how question. It was a new way of looking at the subject and certainly made me stop and think. Then today we have the joy of welcoming Geoff and Sherry Surratt to spend some time with our team here at King’s. Geoff is one of the leading experts on multi-site church, and we are looking forward to benefitting from his wisdom and insights. Geoff and Sherry have also just published an excellent book called Together, which draws on their experience of ministry and marriage.

I am hugely grateful for these recent opportunities to hear from such highly respected leaders. I have been in ministry for nearly thirty years now, but I know I still have much to learn – I am always looking out for people who are ahead of me. I believe it is important for each of us, no matter how experienced we may be, to continue placing ourselves in contexts where we can keep on learning. This Friday and Saturday, King’s will once again be hosting the GLS Leadership Summit videocast conference, which presents another opportunity to receive excellent input from some of the best leaders around the world – I highly recommend it to all of you! You will find more details here and if you are not booked in already, you can still turn up on the day. Let’s keep learning together!

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

3rd November 2016

Leadership Development

‘The local church is the hope of the world, and its future rests primarily in the hands of its leaders.’
Bill Hybels

‘We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.’
Romans 12: 6-8

A few weeks ago, Deb and I had the pleasure of attending the 25th wedding anniversary of a couple of friends from our youth group days. It was great to meet up with people we hadn’t seen for a while and inevitably conversation turned to reminiscences about our younger selves. They were formative years, when we were all fairly new Christians, and I remembered the time my friend Nigel and I decided to complete Selwyn Hughes’ gift discovery form. It was the first time I had ever given that much thought to who I was or what my particular strengths or weaknesses may be. I clearly remember being shocked when the results revealed that I was a leader. My initial instinct was disbelief until Nigel, who knew me well, responded that the results were undoubtedly right.

This last week has been all about leadership. I have just spent two excellent days with a number of the key leaders from King’s, attending a learning community for large churches. The event was hosted by Dave Smith from Citygate Church, Peterborough, who served us brilliantly. We spent much of the time looking at the important subject of leadership development and discussing how this can be improved and best implemented in our context. In a growing church, it is crucial to have an active and ongoing leadership development programme.

Then on Friday and Saturday, King’s will once again have the privilege of hosting the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. This has been held at King’s for a number of years now, and I never fail to be impressed with the quality of the speakers and the relevance of the input they bring.

What a feast of leadership input in just one week! It is a long time since I took my first steps in leadership, but I am keen to continue growing and learning. Churches need leaders and good leaders continue to hone their gifts in order to serve God’s people. So what are you doing to sharpen and develop your leadership skills? Are you placing yourself in contexts where you can be challenged? If you have not already booked in, let me encourage you to come along to GLS this Friday and/or Saturday. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Speaking of feast…I’ve just heard that our King’s Christmas Trees website is now live, so why not check it out and consider supporting homeless people this Christmas through The Feast, our Wednesday night outreach at our Catford site.

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

25th June 2015

God Loves Every Church

All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...’
Matthew 28:18b-19

At our staff prayer meeting yesterday morning, I heard of a young man attending our current Alpha who has put his trust in Jesus for the first time. I never cease to be excited when someone becomes a Christian; each story speaks of a life renewed. To be in a church context which is always growing is undoubtedly a great privilege - King’s has experienced steady growth each year for well over a decade now. But the increase in numbers is not without challenge.

Yesterday I spoke to a group of pastors and their teams on the challenges faced by a growing church. By drawing on the mistakes I have made in the leadership of my own church, and the lessons I have learned, I endeavoured to help this highly gifted group. Together, we can improve our leadership so that we can continue reaching and caring for people.

Churches grow one person at a time. Behind the numbers are stories of individual lives transformed in Christ. God loves every single person in the orbit of your church, as well as the many millions who have not yet returned to the heavenly Father. Therefore, as Christ’s ambassadors, we are compelled to do everything we can to help people embark on a journey towards discovering Jesus, while recognising at the same time that we can save no-one – only God can save.

In order to continue growing, we need to keep learning. So, whether your church gathers a handful or a large crowd, let’s all continue to place ourselves in contexts where we can grow as leaders and disciples in order to fulfil the Great Commission God has put before us. In fact, this autumn there will be a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the most gifted leaders in the world! On 6th and 7th November, King’s will once again be hosting the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. This is a great chance to be challenged and equipped in our leadership, whether that is in our work contexts, our churches or in our families. I encourage you to book those days in your diary now and to book before the end of July to get the discounted rates.

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

9th October 2014

Global Leadership Summit

Bill Hybels is one of most influential Christian leaders of our generation. He is also one of the most focused people I have ever met, as I found out some time ago when I was fortunate enough to have lunch with him. He was clearly a man with a desire to see the gospel of Jesus go forward - a great motivation to have. Willow Creek Community Church, which Bill Hybels leads, has become a byword for reaching out to those seeking God and is a church that has worked at refining a sensitive approach to seekers as the people of Willow declare the Good News of Jesus.

So, I am delighted that once again over the next two days we will be hosting the annual Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit here at King's, this Friday and Saturday, at the Catford site. There are available places still to be had - if you would like to come along on the 10th and 11th and register for this videocast conference. It will be well worth it!

Then on Sunday I will be speaking again at our Catford and Lee sites in the second week of our series based in the book of Proverbs - Making Life Work. This series is already proving popular, with all the copies of the books (written by Bill Hybels) we had provided sold out last week! More were delivered to the King's office this week, ready for you to buy if you weren't able to get hold of one last weekend. And our Downham site will begin with the introduction to the series.

Last Sunday saw another exciting milestone in the life of King's - the official opening of the new Lee auditorium. We are already anticipating great gospel fruit from this wonderful resource but you will realize that there is still much work required in the rest of the building. Can I therefore ask you all to come prepared to contribute to our Multi-Site Gift Day this Sunday, when our target for October is £60,000. We are eager to see even more gospel progress among the people and communities of southeast London. I believe it's what we are here for!

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

Steve Tibbert leads King’s Church London, with sites in Catford, Downham, Lee and Beckenham. Over the past fifteen years the church has seen continued growth, both in size and diversity. Steve is also involved in Newfrontiers and regularly coaches other lead elders. His book, Good to Grow, was published in July 2011. He is married to Deb, and they have three sons.

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