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10th November 2016

Coaching, Cape Town and Harare

If last week was about receiving input, it seems this week and next are about passing on all that I have learned about leadership in the local church.

Over the last two days I have been hosting a coaching session with leaders from 17 churches from around the UK. I always enjoy these days – it is so encouraging to spend time with people who are seeking to develop their own skills in order to build and strengthen our local churches. As Bill Hybels puts it: ‘The local church is the hope of the world, and its future lies primarily in the hands of its leaders.’ 

Once the coaching finishes, I will be turning my thoughts to Saturday, when Deb and I fly to South Africa and Zimbabwe. We arrive in Cape Town on Sunday morning and will be spending a few days with Steve van Rhyn and his team at the fantastic Jubilee Community Church. It is such a joy to serve with friends on global mission, and a day spent discussing multi-site with their eldership will be great fun! A quick day off to visit a few of Cape Town’s many sights and then we fly to Harare to be with Scott and Claire Marques at River of Life, another great church. I am so pleased that on this occasion our Executive Pastor, Phil Varley, and his wife Sarah, will be coming to join us in Harare. Although we will be there just a few days, we are managing to fit a lot in: some training with leaders from the Newfrontiers DNA family of churches, time with the River of Life elders and wives, and then preaching five times on Sunday. I have had the pleasure of visiting both River of Life and Jubilee many times now and I always feel very much at home when I am with them. They may be thousands of miles from London, in completely different contexts, yet each has much in common with us at King’s - urban, racially diverse, multi-site and growing fast.

Our trip to southern Africa means that we will be missing another great Sunday at King’s this week. In the morning services at Catford and Lee we have dedications , when we will be praying with new parents who want to dedicate themselves to bringing up their children in God’s ways. Then at the Catford 5.30 service, we are privileged to have guest preacher Steve Clifford, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance. Do come along and take advantage of this great opportunity to hear him speak.

I began drafting this blog last week, and am finishing it as the world responds to the results of the USA presidential election. As I reread the quote from Bill Hybels, I am reminded that the hope of the world lies not with elected leaders but with Jesus Christ and his church. Let us each continue to place our faith in our sovereign God and to play our part in bringing his kingdom through his church.

Header image: Table Mountain in the Mists by South Africa Tourism, used under CC

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

26th May 2016


For a number of years now I have been running coaching courses for lead elders and their teams. Some 40 to 50 churches have been involved since we began, and it is great to have played a small part in helping other churches flourish. One good example would be Neal Bartlett from High Wycombe, whose church has doubled in size and went multi-site in March.

I am therefore very excited to see that our next course begins in a couple of weeks with 45 leaders, representing some 18 churches from across the UK Newfrontiers family, taking part. My style tends to be very interactive and I prefer the attendees to set the agenda rather than me. I am keen that the days should not be too 'front-led', as I want to respond to the current issues being faced by those in the room. Over the years we have discussed topics such as team building, raising and handling money, preaching programmes and size dynamics. The days are made up of a mixture of group discussion, time for self-reflection, and Q&A sessions – the aim is to provide an environment which facilitates dialogue and where peer leaders can learn from one another.

It is my firm belief that leaders also benefit from good self-awareness, and so we also spend time looking at the subject of personality traits. I am hugely indebted to Brian Watts, who co-leads these coaching days with me, as he brings a great deal of expertise to this area in particular. Brian has also helped me with some one-to-one coaching on a few occasions. I have found this to be extremely useful in identifying the key issues of particular leadership challenges I may be facing.

Of course, in a blog about the benefits of coaching, I need to mention Saturday’s FA Cup Final. Despite their months of training and preparation, Palace sadly failed to beat Manchester United – although they did manage to creep ahead for a brief, joy-filled period of four minutes! Nevertheless, Ben, Josh and I had a fantastic day. We sang our hearts out and loved the whole experience of seeing our team play at Wembley. Maybe, with a little more coaching, they can do it next year...

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

18th June 2015

Leaders Learning Together

Have you ever sat in a room with a group of leaders and had one of those 'light bulb' moments? I love such times, when the shared learning experiences increase your self awareness, help you understand more clearly your own unique leadership context and provide insight and solutions which ultimately serve the church you lead.

Over the last two days I have gathered with 10 church teams to discover together how we can improve our leadership edge. It is such a privilege to work with these men and women. I am praying for many more 'light bulb' moments during this time, for lessons and insights which we can then apply to our own situations.

In 2016 I will once again be offering an opportunity for key leaders to join me in discovering how we can continue to serve our local churches. This is a four-day course held over two separate two-day sessions. If you would like to know more, then please contact Carol Hancock at the King’s office.

Image: Railway lightbulb by Julian Dunn, used under CC

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

22nd May 2015

Leadership - Home and Abroad

Following a fruitful few days spent in France with the senior staff of King's, I began this week by meeting with the elders and trustees of the church. What a privilege it is to work with such gifted and committed people - I am grateful to each of them for their wisdom, time and input.

Having spent the past ten days or so concentrating on the leadership of my home church, my focus for the next ten days moves further afield, serving other churches in the UK, Zimbabwe and South Africa. This week I hosted 13 lead elders from Newfrontiers churches across the UK for two days' coaching. Then on Thursday Deb and I flew to Zimbabwe to join the elders and wives of River of Life Church, Harare. We are speaking on 'marriage and ministry' on Friday and Saturday. Following that, I will be preaching on the subject of marriage at their five Sunday services. We are delighted that William and Hilary Dalziel will be travelling to Zimbabwe with us.

From Harare we fly down to South Africa for a few days with our friends Steve and Anna van Rhyn, who lead Jubilee Community Church in Cape Town. I will be spending a morning speaking on leadership with a number of the leaders in the Advance family of churches. Deb and I will also teach on marriage and ministry again, this time with the Jubilee elders and wives. At the end of that week, we are looking forward to few days' holiday in Cape Town, when we hope to have the opportunity to visit Robben Island and Table Mountain. Having visited this beautiful city myself on a number of occasions, it is wonderful to be able to take Deb with me this time. Our trip will finish on Sunday when I will have the privilege of preaching at Jubilee, followed by lunch with our dear friends Lex and Jo Loizides - what a great way to finish!

So, a fairly packed programme for the next couple of weeks. As ever, I am grateful to the fantastic leaders here at King's who make it possible for me to serve further afield in the security of knowing that 'home base' is in good hands. Please do pray that we will be a blessing as we serve overseas.

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

Steve Tibbert leads King’s Church London, with sites in Catford, Downham, Lee and Beckenham. Over the past fifteen years the church has seen continued growth, both in size and diversity. Steve is also involved in Newfrontiers and regularly coaches other lead elders. His book, Good to Grow, was published in July 2011. He is married to Deb, and they have three sons.

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