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Global Leadership Summit

The Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit videocast event is a world-class leadership event impacting 400,000 people in 128 countries. It is for anyone who wants to grow as a leader.

Everyone wins when a leader gets better — people stand up for justice, businesses care about more than the bottom line, families are restored and churches become beacons of hope and transformation in a broken world.

No matter where you lead, the Global Leadership Summit videocast is a world-class experience designed to help you get better. Join us for a unique blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills you can apply immediately — and bring your entire team to multiply the impact.

Everybody has influence and the responsibility to lead well. No matter where you lead, the Summit deliver vision, inspiration and practical skills you can apply immediately. We hope you will join us in November as we again host this fantastic event.

Consistently the best leadership teaching and experience I’ve heard. I encourage you to attend if at all possible. Steve Tibbert, Senior Pastor at King's
The talks from first to last were stimulating and encouraging (there was lots of laughter as well) and full of the most profound yet common-sense teaching that you could possibly want and could apply to so many aspects of our lives. Great stuff! Well worth the effort. Enjoy and be uplifted. Angela Moor, Group Leader at King's
Magnificent! I feel so encouraged, refreshed and challenged. Rachel Smith, GLS 2015

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