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18th May 2017

Praying, Planning and Playing

As I write this week’s blog, the view from my window is very different to my usual one. No houses, roads or traffic – instead, a huge old oak tree, green fields, and the sun setting on the horizon. I am actually in the southern Loire in France – not on holiday, but with some of the King’s team – at the home of Paul and Charlotte Braithwaite.

It has become a tradition for the King’s senior staff to go away together each May for a week of praying, planning and playing. Our days start with breakfast at 8am, followed by prayer and a devotion time led by Andrew Wilson. The rest of the day is then spent discussing various subjects facing us at the moment. This year’s have stretched far and wide and have included issues such as discipleship making and leadership development, ideas for a fourth site and plans for the refurbishment of the first floor of the Catford site, as well as a review of our youth work and the philosophy around it. The days have certainly been full and productive! However, it has not all been about work – one of the advantages of being in the middle of France and away from the city is that there has been time for ‘play’ as well. Time for walks, some birdwatching (hen harrier, hoopoe and merlin among the highlights), some table tennis and a bit of badminton. The excellent hospitality of the Braithwaites, with superb food and wine, has ensured that energy levels are kept high.

It is my observation that the most successful teams seem to have the ability to retain relational harmony and unity, while continuing to move forward and grow together. Over the years, these times away with the King’s senior staff have marked the beginning of some our most fruitful ministry breakthrough, and I am trusting that this year will prove to be just as significant. So as we near the end of our week away, please pray for us – and for our families back in the UK – as we seek God together and look to the future of King’s.

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

11th May 2017

A Day of Prayer for the UK

Newfrontiers Leaders’ Prayer Day, Westminster Chapel, 5th July 2017

I was in my early 20's when I first attended a Newfrontiers prayer event – around 125 leaders met at King’s Park Conference Centre in Northampton to pray for this nation and the nations beyond. It was a memorable time of worship, prophecy and prayer.

At that time I was new to this family of churches, but I soon learnt that prayer was foundational to this group of believers, modelled and encouraged by our leader Terry Virgo. Over these last 30 years or so, I have been in numerous such meetings: large gatherings of leaders praying at the annual Brighton Leadership Conference; days of prayer and fasting, in increasingly large halls and auditoriums, at Stoneleigh, Derby and then Peterborough; and in smaller contexts, in Terry’s front room; or weekly Thursday mornings spent seeking God with local London leaders. All were times of encounter, refreshment and intercession.

The last six years have seen a season of multiplication and expansion through the ministry of Terry's ‘spiritual sons’. While these new movements continue to flourish, we believe God has spoken to us about gathering again to pray for the UK, under the banner of Newfrontiers.

So on Wednesday 5th July, let's come together at Westminster Chapel, in the heart of our capital city, to pray and seek God for our nation. This is a day for all leaders – elders, pastors, staff and spouses, of any Newfrontiers related church in the UK. Tickets cost just £5 and you can book in today via Many thanks to Commission for allowing us to use their venue and for organising the booking!

We have not held an event like this for six years and we are very excited at the prospect of gathering to pray again. This new era has many strengths, but I have missed coming together to pray with friends and partners in the Gospel from across the nation. While affirming and rejoicing in our new era, we still believe 'we can do more together than apart'.

Newfrontiers is a group of apostolic leaders partnering together on global mission, joined by common values and beliefs, shared mission and genuine relationships.

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

4th May 2017

God Loves a Cheerful Giver

When I became a Christian – after having first told my pastor that I wanted to be baptised – I began tithing. I had already realised that how I managed my money was a discipleship issue and an indication of my willingness to trust God for my life. Our giving is an act of worship, a response to the generosity and grace shown to each of us by Jesus.

This month is our Annual Giving Review. When it comes to giving at King’s, we teach the principle of stewardship, that we should each take responsibility to manage our money so that we can give generously and sacrificially out of what we have, not out of what we don’t have. God loves a cheerful giver, and is ultimately more interested in the heart than the actual amount! Recently, I produced a short video which summarises some of our core, Biblical convictions about money, stewardship and giving. As we come up to our Annual Giving Review this month, can I ask you to take five minutes to watch it?

I am asking all of you who call King’s home to prayerfully review your giving, and come ready to return your form on Sunday 14th May or Sunday 21st May. If you have not had a chance to pick up the Annual Giving Review booklet and response form, you can find them here. We will also be taking up an additional offering towards our Multi-Site Fund on these Sundays. Our target on this occasion is an additional £40,000.

King's has always been a generous church and I believe what God has been able to do through us is a reflection of the ongoing generosity of this church family. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you once again for your faithful, generous giving.

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

27th April 2017

Marriage and the Church

Our teaching pastor, Andrew Wilson, has been involved in making a fantastic video about marriage. In it he demonstrates how “this is about that”, how marriage between a husband and wife is a metaphor for Christ’s relationship with the church. He explains what the apostle Paul means in Ephesians 5 when he draws a parallel between marriage and the Christian Gospel. The video is beautifully shot and produced – it is well worth taking three minutes out of your day to watch it.

This Sunday Deb and I will be speaking on marriage, something we always enjoy doing. And we will also be speaking at the first night of this year’s Marriage Course, which starts next Tuesday evening. This is an outstanding course for any married couples who wish to enrich their relationship. We have just a few places left, so you will need to reserve a place quickly if you plan to attend.

Also, we have another date for the diary: Deb and I will be speaking again at the ’Sex, Romance and God’ seminar on Saturday 24th June. This is a morning seminar designed for married couples who want to understand more about sex and romance in the context of Christian marriage. It’s always a fun morning, so if you’re married, why not check your diaries and book yourselves in.

Steve Tibbert

Posted by Steve Tibbert

Steve Tibbert leads King’s Church London, with sites in Catford, Downham and Lee. Over the past fifteen years the church has seen continued growth, both in size and diversity. Steve is also involved in Newfrontiers and regularly coaches other lead elders. His book, Good to Grow, was published in July 2011. He is married to Deb, and they have three sons.

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